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Inside flap text of Etched - Hardcover
In 1813 on the Beauford Plantation in Promise Land, Greenwood, South Carolina a Seminole Indian gives birth to yet another child for Rockwell Beauford—owner of Beauford Plantation.  This child is calledEtta Mae but as time passes she’s simply calledCornbread. Cornbread is different to other children on the plantation—a seed of determination has been Etched in her spirit by her Seminole mother—Lil’ Mae.
On the Beauford plantation Cornbread grows into young womanhood and, as Rockwell Beauford has done with every young female slave on his plantation—he calls for her.  This call sets into motion events that will change the lives of many slaves. Slaves, unbeknownst to the other slaves, are determined to make the ultimate sacrifice to save Cornbread from this fate but no one is more determined than her childhood friend Molasses.
A descendent of strong fighting African people Molasses is tall and dark. He carries everything to make a moonless, starless night on his taut muscular skin. Molasses is also extremely strong. This strength was gained from years of sun-up to sun-down back-breaking work as a field hand.This strength, coupled with an unbelievably pure and profound love burning in his etched heart for Cornbread, are all he believes he needs to save her from this call. By the time the sun rises over Beauford Plantation the fire of this love will change the course of their lives.
Almost a hundred years later in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York family history and secrets are revealed. Cornbread’s Great-great-great-great-granddaughter, Gina Pearl is the recipient of this history and secrets by the Griot of the family—Aunt Bess. The revelations chips away at Gina Pearl’s heart until it becomes Etched and its then that she knows—an Etched heart cannot be fully satisfied until all its desires are met.
Inside Flat Text of Rend - Hardcover
Andrea Matti Hirsch Greenwood, like everyone else, has a family tree. On her tree she can claim a collection of blossoms and thorns, and some fruit she wishes had never blossomed. On the thorniest branch of all is her great grandfather (five times removed); Everett Michael Poole Field a plantation owner. He's the fruit everyone in the family hold responsible for bringing the curse into the family.  It was Milkweed, his former slave and her great grandmother (five times removed) who inadvertently helped the course to sprout.    
For over a century, this dreaded curse has hung over the heads of the women of this family, adversely affecting them and no one seems to be able to find a way to break it. Andrea is determined to find a way. She just hasn’t figured out how. Her help comes from an unlikely source; her cousin Thea Fillmore. Thea has been on an epic quest to free herself from the bitter and inedible fruit of resentment she’ssh has carried against Andrea’s grandmother, Gina Pearl “Promise” Greenwood.  
Armed with what she’s learned in post-slavery South Carolina from the matriarch of the family “Beccah”, daughter of Fields, and his son Isham, Thea returns to Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn to share with Andrea the many secrets she has learned. It’s up to Andrea now to do the final pruning of the family tree and free them all from the curse.  
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