Recipient of the First Angel Editing Writers Award November, 2010
Etched is a moving, powerful and dramatic story of a multi-generationsal family of women. Etched takes you from the pre-civil rights era of Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York to the tenacious and volatile times of antebellum South Carolina. 
The lives of the women of Etched are ripped apart by ignorance and hate; brought together by love only to be destroyed over and over again by fear and bigotry. 
Despite their collective struggles they remain strong and resolute. they face every adversity with conviction and dogged determination while holding onto their dream of someday getting an education for the women of this family.
The journey that began in Etched continues in the pages of Rend
Rend is the epic journey of the women of Etched. Its the emotional highs of true love and freedom and the earth-shattering, gut wrenching lows of human suffering and the injustices throughout the times of slavery and its bloody aftermath.
The painful crawl through time will Rend your heart and soul as you join the descendents of Etched in their fight for survival, happiness and freedom from the curse that has hung over the heads of the women of this family for over a century.
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